My Blue Wave  (1 of 16)
A complete re-imagining of the tarot deck: 79 photographs and text drawn from over 20 years of work
and my own Major Arcana, suits, and court cards. Includes an interactive Celtic Cross spread.
Figures dance along the water's edge. The sun doesn't set, but dissolves high above the tree line,
lost in polluted orange air. Nightfall finds us blinded by streetlights, chasing an elusive moon.
A city half-formed, mutable, still coming into being. Nothing yet fixed by perception or memory.
Ruins of a city that never was. All of these trees, these angles and wires, a language I'm slowly relearning.
Volatile images, composed sight unseen: poetic and grotesque, carnal and discarnate.
A fever dream of fleeting, nocturnal figures and luminous streets.
A romance of camera, car, and momentum. The overlooked, often inaccessible spaces between home and elsewhere.
Roadside landscapes shot through my favorite lens: the marred windows of cars in motion.
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