My Blue Wave  (1 of 14)
Wide awake in the night of time. An overview of my work from 2017. Hallucinatory nocturnal images created under the influence of weird fiction:
voracious landscapes; infernal light; alien geometries; and unstable, dissolving identities.
A complete re-imagining of the tarot deck: 79 photographs and text drawn from over 20 years of work
and my own Major Arcana, suits, and court cards. Includes an interactive Celtic Cross spread.
Volatile images, composed sight unseen: poetic and grotesque, carnal and discarnate.
A fever dream of fleeting, nocturnal figures and luminous streets.
A romance of camera, car, and momentum. The overlooked, often inaccessible spaces between home and elsewhere.
Roadside landscapes shot through my favorite lens: the marred windows of cars in motion.
Ghostly urban candids, a dirty windshield, and two lean coyotes in the desert.
Ten days in Los Angeles.
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